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Private art concept

Chez Jill & Tim
november 17th 5:30 - 9:30 pm
Los Angeles (CA) USA

The title concentrates on a series of exhibitions in private homes: Private people place their homes at the disposal of Coudrais’ art. Walls and platforms are becoming surface to the art and therefore get a new context. The house turns through this project into a new object through the new art. The guest which becomes the audience will realize that and if this form of art works for their own homes and how Coudrais’ art feels in private.
Germany-based French artist Gildas Coudrais, with his gleam and sparkle signal colors, gets very close to the aesthetics of pop-culture.

His work is reminiscent of large sized billboards on the Sunset Strip but remains loyal to European tradition. The artist experiments with a wide-ranged repertoire which he combines, literally, with quotations from media, advertising and poetry. Taken out of context the parts lose their original meaning and values and the art becomes a multi-layered piece on its own: mysterious, fantastic, and poetic. With his cheerful, partly ironic honesty, the artist puts the fragments and symbols in a new geographic, moral and intellectual context.

This is where Coudrais’ interpretation starts: What is beauty, what is superficiality, how does an individual shine vis-a vis his/her surroundings, how real is the visible truth, and what is the prize of beauty? Gold plays a major role in this exhibition, alluding the Middle Ages and revealing Coudrais’ love for distorting tradition.
The work of Coudrais cannot be tied down to one art form. The artist continually crosses boundaries in technique and execution as well as content. The interaction of the different motifs, genres and texts show ironic exaggeration and Dadaistic absurdity. The artistic traditions are being reduced ad absurdum and are left in their seemingly random state in new artistic contexts. With this Coudrais shows a lightness in his themes, known from the surrealists. He decides not to allow any limitations on his choice of theme or execution. The goal of the artist is to combine elements taken from media, art history and reality, with its symbols and values and a certain enigmatic fantasy, which allows the art to appear psychedelic, mysterious and fantastic all at once.

From large-size oil paintings to monochromes and drawings to sculptures this 4th exhibition of Gildas Coudrais in LA is abundant with variety and complexity. We are happy and proud to present his art to a selected audience with our wonderful hosts Jill and Tim.