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Galerie Geselschaft
March 2020

Private Art Concept

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The title of the exhibition "chez", in English 'at', implies that something is taking place at somebody’s home. It is an art concept that the artist Gildas Coudrais has been successfully exhibiting for a number of years in private residences both in the US and in Europe. This year, Klaus and Malona Badelt are opening the doors of their recently completed residential masterpiece by acclaimed British architectural designer John Pawson. 

John Pawson, whose work is known for its reduced aesthetic, has applied his signature minimalist style to the Badelt residence by redefining space, light and materiality. It is being recognized as the fundamental problem to be solved while adhering to a strict design philosophy that culminates in a most pure and simplistic work of art. All ornament is dispensable and therefore unused and useless. The decision to exhibit in an architectural environment of such purity where fine art is not a concept lies in Pawsons beginnings: in his time in London in the late 70s he was selected to create galleries and art spaces. It was his attempt to reduce all visual irritation to a minimum allowing the art work to step into the foreground. Architecture takes the back seat to the presented art, purpose follows the form.

Germany-based French artist Gildas Coudrais, with his gleam and sparkle signal colors, gets very close to the aesthetics of pop-culture. His work is reminiscent of large sized billboards on the Sunset Strip but remains loyal to European tradition. The artist experiments with a wide-ranged repertoire which he combines, literally, with quotations from media, advertising and poetry. Taken out of context the parts lose their original meaning and values and the art becomes a multi-layered piece on its own: mysterious, fantastic, and poetic. With his cheerful, partly ironic honesty, the artist puts the fragments and symbols in a new geographic, moral and intellectual context. From large-size oil paintings to monochromes and drawings to sculptures this 5th exhibition of Gildas Coudrais in LA is abundant with variety and complexity.

Katharina Schulenberg-Leduc / Curator.


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